Bianca’s Story

Bianca was a junior in college when she found out she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend had just broken up when she saw the twin pink lines on her home pregnancy test. Bianca felt scared and unprepared. “I can’t do this,” she told herself. When she booked an appointment at the Center, it was to talk through the option of terminating her pregnancy.

Bianca says that her experience at the Center was full of kindness and free of judgment. Bianca told her advocate that she was a believer, but she had drifted away from God. Bianca’s client advocate asked her if she would like spiritual support. Bianca hesitated but declined. After her pregnancy test appointment, her advocate again offered her the opportunity to speak with a spiritual support advocate. Bianca again declined.

However, Bianca explains, as her advocate was leaving the room, something compelled her to reconsider. At the last moment, she told her advocate that she did want spiritual support. The resulting conversation changed everything.

Bianca says that her spiritual advocate reminded her of many things that she knew deep down but needed to hear. Bianca said that her advocate prayed with her and asked God to help her make the right decision and give her a sign of what she should do.

Bianca left her appointment confused about the best way forward. She called her mom and explained her doubts. “I am not sure you’ll be able to forgive yourself if you have the abortion,” said her mom. Her mom then reminded her that she is strong and capable.

Those were the words that Bianca needed to hear. She courageously chose life.

Bianca says that becoming a mom to Luca has been the most rewarding experience of her life. If she could go back, she would say to herself  “Don’t be scared.  It is so worth it.” Looking at her son, she adds, “He makes me want to be the best I can be.”


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