Roe v Wade Overturned! What’s Next?

We are overjoyed at the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade! We praise God that many innocent lives will be saved now that abortion legislation returns to each state.
Here in Texas, a trigger law is already in place that will prohibit virtually all abortions in the state.

While we applaud these changes, they are not a finish line. The landscape of pregnancy center work will intensify even further.

We need your help NOW as we prepare for what’s ahead.

Especially in Texas, the battle for the lives of the unborn has already moved online, as pro-abortion groups adjust their strategy by encouraging women to illegally order abortion pills from overseas and by offering to assist with travel out of state for abortions.

The Solution: Reach Her First
So where and how do we reach her first? Through her phone. We must broaden and strengthen our online presence to reach her first and empower her to make a positive decision about her unexpected pregnancy. 
1. Increase our reach: Increase our reach through search engine optimization and advertising. Tools, like Google AdWords, are a monthly expense that we must expand in order to reach her first. Projected monthly cost for SEO & AdWords: $4,000

What you can do: Increase your monthly gift or become a regular monthly donor. Whether you give an additional $5, $50, or $500, your monthly sustaining gifts increase our ability to reach her online.

2. Optimize our website: Optimize our website to get her in the door faster. Enhanced features, like the ability to schedule appointments online, make it more likely she will come see us before sourcing abortion pills online or going out of state for an abortion. 
Cost of website optimization: $5000

What you can do: Make a special one-time gift toward the total cost of website optimization that connects her to FWPC before she ever calls us or walks through our door.

3. Speak her language: Create a Spanish landing page and ad campaign. 20% of our clients are Spanish speaking and that number continues to climb. A targeted approach to this demographic will help us to reach her first. Cost to build a Spanish landing page: $600. Ongoing monthly cost for Spanish ads: $1,000

What you can do: Commit to monthly giving, or select a special one-time gift, to improve our ability to reach the Spanish-speaking woman in her heart language. The Lord has blessed us generously with bilingual staff and volunteers. We are ready to serve her, but she needs to know we are here! 

While the laws in our nation and our state are changing for the better, the battle for Life in the hearts of pregnant women remains the same. She needs our support and empowerment to give her baby Life, and she needs the gospel truth to receive abundant Life in Jesus.

Moving ahead with you,

Cindy Leach, CEO