Gordon Brucks

Gordon Brucks

What drew you to getting involved with the Center?

I’ve always had a heart for the unborn even before a “crisis” pregnancy hit close to home. When the Director of the Center gave a talk at my church it really touched my heart. I wasn’t sure what “a guy” could do, but I looked into it and found they counseled expectant Dads. I started serving as a men’s advocate before transitioning onto the Board of Directors.

What has impacted or surprised you most about working with the Center?

Mostly the excellent staff – these folks show up every day and serve anyone that walks in their front door. They do it with a heart full of compassion for the women (and men) as well as the baby. The gospel message is declared to all who show an interest in hearing.

What moment or experience stands out to you?

Not one moment necessarily, but what got to me was the diversity of each appointment. Wow, you just never know what situation is going to walk in the door next – and the team is always ready for anything and anyone. They handle each case with such love and compassion. I always left my volunteer time there encouraged by the work the Center does.

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