Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Our mission is to empower young women and men to make positive decisions about their unplanned pregnancy.

Sanctity of Human Life Engagements



Each year, the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center visits churches, schools and small groups to share our ministry and we would love to share with YOU!

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Pregnancy Testing

meets an immediate need for our clients seeking help during a crisis pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options Consultation

is available to help young women make an informed decision about parenting, adoption or abortion. This factual and unbiased information is shared in a non-judgmental, caring and confidential atmosphere.

LifeLink Ultrasound

(operated by trained medical personnel) verifies a baby in the uterus, heartbeat, and gestational age for clients contemplating or vulnerable to abortion.

Education & Material Assistance

equips clients with pregnancy information and provides baby and maternity items for our clients.

Post Abortive Resources

provide a confidential, caring environment where men & women who suffer from past abortion-related pain can experience healing.

STD Testing and Treatment

offers accurate information regarding our client’s health as well as the opportunity to discuss sexual behaviors prior to pregnancy.

Community Impact

Our outreach to the community began in 1996 to offer abortion alternatives to teens and young women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. We provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to help those vulnerable to abortion choose life.

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Chose Life

Each day, 3,300 women wake up in America believing abortion is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy. In the wake of this tragic decision, a human life is ended, and a woman’s life is changed forever.

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