Paula Hendricks, RN

Paula Hendricks, RN

What drew you to get involved with the Center?  

I have a love for pregnancy!  I’ve been a labor and delivery, mother and baby nurse for over 40 years.  Every baby is a MIRACLE and GOD mends them together in the mother’s womb, down to numbering each hair follicle on their head. What a special place that is supposed to be!

I love to support pregnant clients as they choose life.  I like to see the eyes of the clients and the boyfriends once they see the baby on the sonogram and the heart beating. Usually, they get very excited and change their plans from abortion into carry and parent.


What has impacted you most about working at the Center? 

The love and support the staff give to our clients!

The number of clients that come in and think its okay to abort but not to place for adoption is disquieting. I have a niece that was adopted by family and what a blessing she is and has been!

I know someone who was born after a failed abortion.  She has scars from the procedure that remind her daily she is a MIRACLE! God had a Plan for her life!  


Is there a particular moment or experience that stands out to you? 

I remember a client that was making plans for an abortion in the next week.  During her sonogram, she saw her womb and noted the empty sac.  You could see her eyes drop and start to tear up as she asked where the baby was. It was like the decision was no longer hers to make and she was grieving her loss. 

Another client, who was quite far along, after viewing the videos on abortion and the risks, didn’t want to go through with her plans to terminate because she might have health problems.  No thoughts about what the baby would go through.  That was a very sad day for me to witness that.  However, I am grateful that she decided to carry.  


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