Mary McLemore

What drew you to get involved with the Center?  

It was important for me to find a job that serves people and the Lord. It was very evident that the Center focuses on those two things. It is such a blessing to know God is in this place and in the people serving are His hands and feet.


What has impacted you most about working at the Center?

The thing that has impacted me most working at the Center is seeing how much love, care, dedication and passion each staff member and volunteer has for abundant life and the desire to love on people who need a helping hand.


Is there a particular moment or experience that stands out to you?

It is so special to me to help the Client Care Coordinators with “baby calls” I connect with clients after giving birth. I am able to pray for them over the phone about their struggles. I was able to pray for a client because she was having health issues. Although she was abortion minded when she first came to see us, that day we were both praising God that she chose life and she stated that every time she sees her baby’s face, she knows he is a blessing to her.


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