Sara’s Story

Everything Sara thought she knew was crashing down. First, she found out that her boyfriend was secretly married and had been lying to her for more than a year. Betrayed and brokenhearted, Sara broke up with him. Days later, she found herself staring at a positive pregnancy test wondering how this could be happening to her.

Sara had driven by the Center many times.  This time, she pulled into the parking lot and came inside. “I’d like to talk about abortion options,” she told our receptionist.

During her appointment, Sara’s advocate listened with compassion to what Sara had been through. She talked through Sara’s options and the support that is available. Sara was resolute about her abortion decision. She wanted no further ties to the man who had deceived her.

Sara’s advocate offered her a sonogram to asses her pregnancy and how far along she was.

That sonogram changed everything.

Sara was farther along than she thought – more than 16 weeks pregnant. She saw a vibrant, active baby. It was one image in particular though, that penetrated Sara’s heart. A foot.

Sara had the exact same photo from the sonograms of her other two children. She knew in that moment that this child is just as precious.

Sara was a completely different person after her sonogram. She was smiling and laughing and talking through names for her baby.

Our sonographer said she had never captured a photo like that before. God knew exactly how to reach Sara’s heart.


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